Sunday, March 8

When life gives you Lemons

[markers, highlighters and pens on a glass/mug holder/warmer from a splendid cafe]

Yes, I seriously don't know what they are called.

Life is bittersweet.
I can only thank God for my countless blessings.


Aneesah said...

Coasters, dear. ;)

I've been to delicious once, the one near KLCC, and ... I liked the desserts, but the main courses were a bit... meh. =\ My mum went to the Bangsar outlet (I think) and said the food was great, though.

Moon said...
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Moon said...

Coasters? No, not coasters. The thing that is wrapped around the cup. Kinda like teapot warmers, except their cardboard and for cups. meh.

Yes, the desserts are yumm. And I like the interior design, too

Moon said...

they're. gah. I got typing issues.

Aneesah said...

Oh, the warmers. *headsmack* My bad! That'll be ... cozies. So a teapot cozy, mug cozy, etc. :D