Saturday, January 31

Completed: January Junk!

January is done!

Whilst I first said it with a tone of excitement, I also realised that one month has now passed since the new year rolled in. Boy, time flies.

I'm currently very busy with assignments and my final project for this semester, so I have less time to go home and use my beloved scanner.

However, I'm still going strong with this project. It's really liberating to have something on the side, not just study-related design. It allows me to break free of all the requirements, and I don't need to spend hours thinking. Just let it free flow!

I hope you guys enjoy the January collection. It's simple, but I'm just happy for doing this.

Balloon of a time

[pen, pencil colours on brown paper (excess from site model) I picked up from the floor while my studiomate was sweeping.]

Deluding one's self into thinking that one is not busy
by attending a birthday bash can be fun.

At least, until the fun is over and you realise
there is so much more work to be done.

(Today's Afreeda's 21st birthday.)

Friday, January 30

My Brain

[multicolored pen scrawls on a piece of excess model board]

I am so busy busy busy.
This is my brain, my lovely brain.

I had no time to draw. No time to write.
So on my way to studio, in our old van, I did this.
I took some pens and just held them, against the card, letting the bumpy ride illustrate this picture of my brain.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 29


[pen illustration on some green card I found lying around our hectic studio]

I'm in the studio. We're working on our site analysis.

As well as figuring out some AutoCAD stuff.
These girls are funny, so cartoonish in nature :)

Wednesday, January 28

A little amount of Bliss

[felt tip pens, pencil colours and silver pen on a paper bag from my cinnamon roll brunch]


I am so tired and sleepy.

I think I'm already dozing off into dreamland.........

Tuesday, January 27


[paint markers (scratched in some places) on a black glossy label for a keychain from Singapore that my seniors gave]

Now before you say that this thing looks like I drew it in the dark (to put it politely..), it was in fact drawn in the dark!

I was alone in my hostel room when my whole block had a black out.
And it was already 11pm.

So armed with my mobile phone, this is what came out :)

Monday, January 26

Results of your Search

[pen illustration on a piece of scrap paper I took from that exact pile of trash in the picture, while sweeping]

We find things we are looking for in the most unexpected places.
We find the most unexpected things in common places.

Every now and then, we should take ourselves off the shelf and shake the dust off.
Spin around a little. Break a little. Heal a little.

Sunday, January 25


[coloured felt tip pens on the product tag for our newly purchased cat house/scratching post]


This kitty has somewhat become my muse!
Even when she is complaining.

Who could ever resist?

Saturday, January 24

Atmospheric Pressure

[ballpoint pens on a serviette (fancy word for napkin) from a wedding today.]

It's hard to remain in one state of mind when everything keeps on interfering.
It's impossible to look at one thing and not see the finer, more sinister details.
It's easier to live in a bubble, oblivious to harm.
But everything is what it is, right or wrong.

On another note, it's so hot today.

Friday, January 23

Currently, in this life

[drawing pen and coloured pencils on half of found graph paper. The blue marker streaks are from last week's work, this was under it I guess.]

And I've barely even reached 1%.

There's definitely a whole world out there.

Thursday, January 22

Melody Mechanism

[watercolour markers and coloured pencils on a piece of notebook paper with Regina Spektor's 'Musicbox' scrawled across it. I was practising lettering last semester.]

I went kayaking today with you.
I know the water wasn't blue.

It doesn't matter.
I feel better.

Wednesday, January 21

It's in the Details

[pink and blue felt-tip pens on a library fine receipt. I always return books late. sheesh]

I can be lousy. Very lousy.
But at least I'm trying.

Tuesday, January 20

I'm late!

[purple pen on a torn notebook paper]

Oh no!
I'm so busy today!

Monday, January 19

Ob La Di Ob La Da

[felt-tip pens, scrap fabric from a bandanna for my project, excess coloured paper]

Ob La Di Ob La Da
Life goes on, Brah!
Lala how the life goes on~

After a whole night and day working, the coffee is still going strong.

Sunday, January 18

Polar Heart

[drawing pen, excess model board, some scrap pearl string I salvaged from my mom's discarded flower bouquets, excess frosted plastic, coloured paper and magnets on the back]

This is something different.

They attract and repel at the same time.

Here they complete each other.

Saturday, January 17

Mental Block

[felt tip pens and marker on a decade-old scrap fabric I found around the house]

I really need to work.
But I'm having a mental block.

I need to find my way out of this!

Friday, January 16

Longing for

[drawing pen and pencil colours on a loose (fancy) notepad paper I found on our messy desk at home]

She never fails to amaze me.

Thursday, January 15

Full circle

[drawing pen on a paper plate from tonight's barbecue for studio]

I want to hold on tightly to everything I've ever cared for or loved.
I'm unbelievably lucky.

Wednesday, January 14


[Sharpie and various paint markers on a recreation brochure I got at FRIM today]

No water due to palm oil spill accident.

Tuesday, January 13


[pen on origami peace swan, folded using a section of my previous project's design brief. Different pattern on other side.]

I met some wonderful Japanese folks today.
Learned how to fold these birds.
They were displaying Hiroshima/Nagasaki art and collecting signatures for a petition to ban all nuclear weapons.

It's Zayan's birthday.
A humble heartfelt book.
An altogether wonderful day.

Even the most mundane can be the most special.

Monday, January 12

Light the Night

[Paint markers, sharpie, silver marker and pencil colour on a faultily spray painted mounting board for my previous project]

Nervous. Busy. Passed with a blur.

Walking alone at night under the starry sky is refreshing, calming, liberating.
I freely roam my thoughts.

Tonight was the 15th of Muharram, thus full moon.

Sunday, January 11


[candle from yesterday’s protest, watercolor markers, ballpoint & drawing pens, and other various markers from the marker box; on a piece of scrap notebook paper]


Saturday, January 10

This postcard is rael

[ballpoint pens, silver marker, glitter, and other various markers from my newly retrieved marker box; on a newspaper cutting of Gaza being attacked and some scrap model board]

I am shocked.
I went to the protest today, and I just can’t believe the police’s actions.

Oppression is everywhere.

Friday, January 9

I can't draw today

[drawing pen on the back of my a3 butter paper pad]

I scribbled this quickly, barely looking, while in the car on the way back from a forum on the Palestinian issue.

Packed, busy day, and no mood.

Just plenty of unanswered questions.

Thursday, January 8

Departure Time

[my trusty drawing pens on an AirAsia boarding pass my friend Kim handed to me when I asked for scrap paper]

We have to live this life a little. Just keep in focus.
Having late-night conversations is good for you.

Wednesday, January 7


[red and black ballpoint pens on the back of an Al-Aqsa Friends’ Society bookmark]

Can’t we live without being tied to the super wants?

Tuesday, January 6

The stars came out to say Hello

[drawing pens on a small promo handout for the Theatre Club membership drive]

The night started out cloudy, and then the sky cleared, greeting us with stars.

We sat and under the street light and listened to the angklung and the orchestra of the night.
We talked about defining moments, girl talk and life.

Monday, January 5


[drawing pen on the back of a clothes tag from a scarf my friend T-qa gave to me]

It’s quizzically lonely.

Sunday, January 4

Be gentle with me

[felt tip pens and coloured pencils on paper from an old school notebook of mine from 4 years ago, lying around the room]

Little Rain, I know you're still scared. I am, too.
I wish you have family and friends.
Meanwhile, we can try to be yours, little buddy.

And I made the first date mistake this year... I got the date wrong at the top. Ooops my bad.

music: The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me

Saturday, January 3

Little Rain

[felt tip pens on an ace hardware shop receipt, quite obviously]

(please click to enlarge)

It has soft brown fur, and eyes of gray blue.
Like the rainy sky.

Friday, January 2


[coloured sharpie pens on an IKEA light bulb label I found in the drawer]

Are things beginning to change?
I don't know. Who knows what we have in store?

On a lighter note, I somehow enjoyed myself in AutoCAD class today.
Maybe I am a geek after all.

Thursday, January 1

First post: A new Year

[pen illustration on a piece of paper that came in the mail with my dad's reader's digest]

Maybe we should start this new year with a prayer.
Everything should start with a prayer.
Especially now.