Monday, March 9

私は私の holga を愛する!

[pen illustration and highlighters on my Holga's valid-only-in-Japan-warranty]

I bought myself a Holga a few days ago, after years of longing and chasing and drooling.

It looks like a black toy box camera.
Totally the opposite of my brother's DSLR.


Anonymous said...

How could you say you have achieved nothing when you have your Holga and this awesome blog displaying your talent and passion?

You told me yourself this sem is not all baout grades. Focus on one thing at a team..such...

I am having a blast because I am fulfilling all my resolutions as expected. Alhamdulillah. May you too achieve it.

As what J Mraz saya, "Listen to your voice, the one that tells you to past the tip of yout tongue, leap in, the net will appear..."

:) smiles roomate.

Moon said...

I just need to breathe and run. Run run run

Like what I posted on Sunday, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or as my sister says, eat it.

hugs, roomie.

H said...

haha 'eat it', that's hillarious!!

Very funky-looking camera :).

Moon said...

lol, yeah.

Well, she likes soury stuff. ekch....

it is funky! and it looks like a toy. it's lighter than a barbie. i think. never had a barbie.

tealovecoffee said...

Your blog is soooo cool! I love your illustrations! ^^
Post again, please... :)