Friday, November 5

I didn't make it!! (oyea? so what else is new?)


Y'all probably forgot about me. I even made this blog private due to, um, certain embarrassing (mostly my unfulfilled goals ahahah) reasons.

Yes. It's been over a year now. Safe to say that I didn't make it through the entire 2009. However the previous post was not my last post, I did make 23 more drawings since then... alas, I didn't even make it to my birthday.

But no worries! I will be coming back next year! 2011!! yeay!!! I will be graduating. Yes, the last time I updated this blog, I was a first year (second semester). 2011 will be my third year, final semester. Hopefully all things go well. Graduating is a much bigger change and milestone than turning 20. I am 21 now, 22 next year.

I may have only gotten through to just above 100 days and 100 scrap arts last year, but next year, I will make it to 365! and I say, bring it on!

Till then, enjoy the 23 previously unpublished scraps: