Tuesday, March 24

Short notice

to my few readers whom I love very much,

Sorry for the lack of updates, as I've been very busy with assignments (as you can probably tell....) so I haven't had the time to go back home and scan my scraps. Don't worry, I'm still doing this thing, and I haven't missed any days (I think so. When your days consist of nothing but drawing 24 hours, and not sleeping, its hard to tell or remember).

Um, so when I get back home I'm gonna have to scan a lot of scribbly junk! haha.

Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, March 14


[marker pen on a torn piece of a film processing shop's envelope]

This would be.

Friday, March 13


[illustration on a bank receipt I found somewhere in the hostel]


Thursday, March 12

Je ne suis pas

[fiber-tip pens and marker on a graph paper found in the studio]

Je ne sais pas que je ne suis pas
Je ne suis pas un superhero
Je ne sais pas qui je suis

Wednesday, March 11

Intravenous hours

[pen illustration coloured with brush pens on a paper that came in my Lomography box. It's Japanese and I don't understand it.]

I need to breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe.
It's another Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 10

It isn't a crime to dream, right?

[blue marker on a brochure for Maldives from Ummatic Week]

Oh, how I long for a nice, quiet holiday.
That would be so perfect right now.

Monday, March 9

私は私の holga を愛する!

[pen illustration and highlighters on my Holga's valid-only-in-Japan-warranty]

I bought myself a Holga a few days ago, after years of longing and chasing and drooling.

It looks like a black toy box camera.
Totally the opposite of my brother's DSLR.

Sunday, March 8

When life gives you Lemons

[markers, highlighters and pens on a glass/mug holder/warmer from a splendid cafe]

Yes, I seriously don't know what they are called.

Life is bittersweet.
I can only thank God for my countless blessings.

Saturday, March 7

My geeky self-portrait

[drawing pen and red ballpoint pen on old school notebook paper]

My friend is setting up a website, BakatSeni, and I've been invited to join as a contributor.
She asked me to come up with a self-portrait, photo or drawn, and here it is.
Drawn based on a photo ;)

Friday, March 6

The Ultimate Holiday Celebration

[pen illustration on a flier that was stuck to my foot as I was walking down the hallway. lol]

Oh yeah.
I kinda died on my bed today after crit, only to be revived hours later by my phone ringing.
Today's crit session was ok-ish. It didn't suck!

Thursday, March 5


[scribbles on my now rejected floor plan]

Everyone's on fire.

Wednesday, March 4

Death by Architecture

[pencil sketch on a piece of paper I found in thestudio]

*Note: This is not an emo post. Sorry, emo fans.

I am not crying in the picture, I am trying to catch some Z's.
And that's not blood, but ink.

Tuesday, March 3

Holga baby

[pens on a sticker that wasn't so sticky anymore, peeled off a chair on campus]

Today I got my early birthday gift to myself: the Holga!
You and me are going to make it through this chaotic life!
Sorry this work is not of high quality, but you thrive on flaws, don't you?

Monday, March 2

Half a world inside

[pen illustration on a matte photo I found in the family room's drawer]

I long for the days I get to freely roam the world.
I am a nature lover caught in between loves and responsibilities.

Sunday, March 1


[pen illustration on a hostel return key envelope]

Much work to be done, and I am enveloped within, drowning again in this sea of monotony.