Tuesday, March 24

Short notice

to my few readers whom I love very much,

Sorry for the lack of updates, as I've been very busy with assignments (as you can probably tell....) so I haven't had the time to go back home and scan my scraps. Don't worry, I'm still doing this thing, and I haven't missed any days (I think so. When your days consist of nothing but drawing 24 hours, and not sleeping, its hard to tell or remember).

Um, so when I get back home I'm gonna have to scan a lot of scribbly junk! haha.

Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, March 14


[marker pen on a torn piece of a film processing shop's envelope]

This would be.

Friday, March 13


[illustration on a bank receipt I found somewhere in the hostel]


Thursday, March 12

Je ne suis pas

[fiber-tip pens and marker on a graph paper found in the studio]

Je ne sais pas que je ne suis pas
Je ne suis pas un superhero
Je ne sais pas qui je suis

Wednesday, March 11

Intravenous hours

[pen illustration coloured with brush pens on a paper that came in my Lomography box. It's Japanese and I don't understand it.]

I need to breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe.
It's another Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 10

It isn't a crime to dream, right?

[blue marker on a brochure for Maldives from Ummatic Week]

Oh, how I long for a nice, quiet holiday.
That would be so perfect right now.

Monday, March 9

私は私の holga を愛する!

[pen illustration and highlighters on my Holga's valid-only-in-Japan-warranty]

I bought myself a Holga a few days ago, after years of longing and chasing and drooling.

It looks like a black toy box camera.
Totally the opposite of my brother's DSLR.

Sunday, March 8

When life gives you Lemons

[markers, highlighters and pens on a glass/mug holder/warmer from a splendid cafe]

Yes, I seriously don't know what they are called.

Life is bittersweet.
I can only thank God for my countless blessings.

Saturday, March 7

My geeky self-portrait

[drawing pen and red ballpoint pen on old school notebook paper]

My friend is setting up a website, BakatSeni, and I've been invited to join as a contributor.
She asked me to come up with a self-portrait, photo or drawn, and here it is.
Drawn based on a photo ;)

Friday, March 6

The Ultimate Holiday Celebration

[pen illustration on a flier that was stuck to my foot as I was walking down the hallway. lol]

Oh yeah.
I kinda died on my bed today after crit, only to be revived hours later by my phone ringing.
Today's crit session was ok-ish. It didn't suck!

Thursday, March 5


[scribbles on my now rejected floor plan]

Everyone's on fire.

Wednesday, March 4

Death by Architecture

[pencil sketch on a piece of paper I found in thestudio]

*Note: This is not an emo post. Sorry, emo fans.

I am not crying in the picture, I am trying to catch some Z's.
And that's not blood, but ink.

Tuesday, March 3

Holga baby

[pens on a sticker that wasn't so sticky anymore, peeled off a chair on campus]

Today I got my early birthday gift to myself: the Holga!
You and me are going to make it through this chaotic life!
Sorry this work is not of high quality, but you thrive on flaws, don't you?

Monday, March 2

Half a world inside

[pen illustration on a matte photo I found in the family room's drawer]

I long for the days I get to freely roam the world.
I am a nature lover caught in between loves and responsibilities.

Sunday, March 1


[pen illustration on a hostel return key envelope]

Much work to be done, and I am enveloped within, drowning again in this sea of monotony.

Saturday, February 28

Fatigued February

February, all 28 days, is done.

It's a combination of fast, furious, fun, fearsome, fatigue, frailty and fighting spirit.

Flustered Faces

[pen illustration on today's bus ticket]

Saturday, end of February.
Today has been a long, full day.
The sun, the heat, the work, the heavy surveying equipment.
The road, the friends, the food.
The night, the smoke, the unfamiliar faces.

Friday, February 27

Labyrinth of words

[pen doodle on a crumpled up piece of butter paper I found stashed in my bag]

Too busy living life but I have none
is this the time we strive since we've been born
I can't even fathom
what this is
beneath all this shizzz

so much to do so little
time goes flying out the
door that you never even noticed was
open your
mind is a labyrinth of
words only mean
so much ...

Thursday, February 26

Hello, feet.

[pen illustration on half a hostel room booking form]

Hello, tired feet.

Today has been a tiring day.

Wednesday, February 25

I haven't played in years!

[marker on scrap cardboard and model board]

Today, my roommate Za just popped into my compartment and asked,
"Do you wanna play basketball?"

She saw a girl playing, that's why she asked. And we just joined in.
I really need to play more often.

I haven't been shooting hoops since I graduated from high-school 3 years ago. Haha.

Tuesday, February 24

Green Warrior

[handmade badge; made with scrap board, newspaper, glue, and a pin I found]

Made this for Green Team.
It's very simple to make, and fun.

I have two other designs as well, been wearing them around campus.
Do you want a tutorial?

Monday, February 23

Pinwheel Personality

[pen character doodles cut out from the back of my butterpaper pad, and an empty pin holder]

*Who am I today?*
*Let's take a spin on the pinwheel personality!*

la la la la
dum dum dum
da da da da

Sunday, February 22

Empty consumption

[fibre-tip coloured pen on a Body Shop bookmark]

The grandest, shiniest, time waster.
A hollow orchestral consumption, looping forever.
I am sorry.

Saturday, February 21

AThief of a Different Kind

[poem written with drawing pen and coloured pens, washed wish water, on a tea-bag aged scrap paper I made last year]

[click to enlarge, or read txt version here]

This came to me today, when I realised... it's marking me.

"I ebb and flow into your mind
I am the fear within your tunnel of time
creating seismic superfluous yarn
weaving yourself into an intricate darn

Friday, February 20

202 SOS

[felt-tip pens, scrap board that was cut into circles ages ago, yarn]

The three of us threaded through time.

I need this to get through.

Thursday, February 19

Can't wipe it away

[pen sketch on a napkin I got from eating at Johnny's today]

Busy as you can see.

Wednesday, February 18

Dangerous & Sweet

[pencil colours and pen on a passport photo envelope that's been stashed in my wallet]

it stings
like a spider
hits you deep inside

Tuesday, February 17


[poem written on a fallen leaf; paper clip and embroidered word found by the road on my walk back to the hostel]

"tinting my buttery mundane life with prize"

Monday, February 16

I'm Smiling

[pencil colours on a strip of paper that held a roll of A1 papers]

I may be sick.
I may be tired.
I may be sleep deprived.
But today I'm smiling.
Lucky to be loved.
Lucky to be alive.

Sunday, February 15

Today's cornea trilogy

[pen doodles on an old receipt (dated December 2007!) I found in my old planner in my drawer]

I am bored and sick out of my mind!
Thinking about my assignments and projects, the taste in my mouth needed to be washed out.
Don't get me wrong, I love my course, but you know, work is work.
So today I watched 3 movies! On Youtube!
50 First Dates = Aww, such a sweet movie...
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging = Ugh, are teenagers really this dumb?
Jeux d'enfants = I LOVE this movie! It's a really unique, beautiful, gripping tale. Watch it.

Ok back to work.

Saturday, February 14

It's cool to Love your Family

[pen illustration on scrap that my mom cut out for me from a wedding invitation]

There are no roses, no candy, no chocolate, no cake
no giant red hearts, no mushy movies, no sloppy kisses
Today is just another day, another weekend
with my beautiful family that I miss.

Friday, February 13

Beauty in the Breakdown

[pencil illustration from a scrap my mom cut out for me from a wedding invitation]

There are times when I accidentally let go of myself.
Not the feeling of freedom, but of vulnerability.
I hate it. I hate emotional instability. I hate it even more when I fail to keep it inside.

But I guess, as they say, there's beauty in the breakdown.

Thursday, February 12


[poem written with watercolour marker on a scribbled piece of paper from my Building Construction and Materials group discussion]

"This cold night I shall dig deep into the ground
until myself has been found"

Wednesday, February 11

Milky way

[pen and paint marker on a tag written in Arabic letters "Milky Way super deluxe", I found in the studio]

I am sick. My nose is leaky like that annoying tap at home.
It's been several days already.


Tuesday, February 10


[drawing pen and pencil colours on an architectural magazine flier I found in the studio]

There once was a kid who dreamed of buildings; art and science; wonders of the world.

Little did she know that architecture is a crazy hard, hard world.

Little wide-eyed kid is now a sleepy-eyed student ready to bid "Goodnight, world!"


Monday, February 9


[ballpoint pen illustration on excess model board]

We're losing ground with every passing day
we're not okay.
But that's one thing I would never
one thing I would never
one thing I would never
say to you.

-The Perishers, "Pills"

Sunday, February 8

Where do we go?

[marker, pen, and an uninteresting photo of mine, which I then cut out]

Where do we go, nobody knows
Don't ever say you're on your way down, when..
God gave you style and gave you grace
And put a smile upon your face, oh yeah

Now when you work it out I'm worse than you
Yeah when you work it out, I want it too
Now when you work out where to draw the line
Your guess is as good as mine...

-God Put a Smile upon Your Face, Coldplay

Saturday, February 7


[pen and pencil colours on bandage wrapping I found on the desk]

Time to sleep!

Friday, February 6

Saya mau Main Sejuk!

[pen and pencil colours on a scrap piece of butter paper that already had some doodles on it]

translated: I want COLDPLAY!

They are one of the most important bands in my life.
It's been rumored that they will be coming here.

I wish they were!
I've been listening to Coldplay non-stop all week.

Thursday, February 5


[pen illustration on a clothes tag]

I've been barred for a week now.

And it is so frustrating.

Wednesday, February 4


[pencil colours, pen, silver marker, on a printout of the roof plan and section of a house for our case study.]

The only way I could think of how to survive this week of extreme hectic-ness was to turn into a Superwoman!

Not only was my phone barred,
We also had Site Analysis presentation on Monday
assignment due on Monday
design development on Monday
2 reports due on Wednesday
presentation and poster on Wednesday
presentation on Thursday
test on Thursday
blah blah

So today, when we got over the most hell-ish part (Monday till Wednesday),
I felt ecstatic!


Tuesday, February 3

My White Palms

[poem on scrap paper]

glowing and flawful
my white palms,
turned blue.

click image to enlarge and read more.

Monday, February 2


[pencil colours, pen, on two scrap brown model board excess from making North points to put on the presentation boards]

"so many stars at night
but i can only count
one at a time

so many wars to fight
but i can only fight

Sunday, February 1


[Pencil colours, letter F cutout from the site analysis title block, excess polystyrene from the site model (shaped into a heart by someone. I found it like that)]

No, I don't have a new crush.
No, I'm not swearing.

It's February!

F is for fabulous, fantastic, fun, frightening, frenzied February!

Saturday, January 31

Completed: January Junk!

January is done!

Whilst I first said it with a tone of excitement, I also realised that one month has now passed since the new year rolled in. Boy, time flies.

I'm currently very busy with assignments and my final project for this semester, so I have less time to go home and use my beloved scanner.

However, I'm still going strong with this project. It's really liberating to have something on the side, not just study-related design. It allows me to break free of all the requirements, and I don't need to spend hours thinking. Just let it free flow!

I hope you guys enjoy the January collection. It's simple, but I'm just happy for doing this.

Balloon of a time

[pen, pencil colours on brown paper (excess from site model) I picked up from the floor while my studiomate was sweeping.]

Deluding one's self into thinking that one is not busy
by attending a birthday bash can be fun.

At least, until the fun is over and you realise
there is so much more work to be done.

(Today's Afreeda's 21st birthday.)

Friday, January 30

My Brain

[multicolored pen scrawls on a piece of excess model board]

I am so busy busy busy.
This is my brain, my lovely brain.

I had no time to draw. No time to write.
So on my way to studio, in our old van, I did this.
I took some pens and just held them, against the card, letting the bumpy ride illustrate this picture of my brain.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 29


[pen illustration on some green card I found lying around our hectic studio]

I'm in the studio. We're working on our site analysis.

As well as figuring out some AutoCAD stuff.
These girls are funny, so cartoonish in nature :)

Wednesday, January 28

A little amount of Bliss

[felt tip pens, pencil colours and silver pen on a paper bag from my cinnamon roll brunch]


I am so tired and sleepy.

I think I'm already dozing off into dreamland.........

Tuesday, January 27


[paint markers (scratched in some places) on a black glossy label for a keychain from Singapore that my seniors gave]

Now before you say that this thing looks like I drew it in the dark (to put it politely..), it was in fact drawn in the dark!

I was alone in my hostel room when my whole block had a black out.
And it was already 11pm.

So armed with my mobile phone, this is what came out :)