Sunday, February 8

Where do we go?

[marker, pen, and an uninteresting photo of mine, which I then cut out]

Where do we go, nobody knows
Don't ever say you're on your way down, when..
God gave you style and gave you grace
And put a smile upon your face, oh yeah

Now when you work it out I'm worse than you
Yeah when you work it out, I want it too
Now when you work out where to draw the line
Your guess is as good as mine...

-God Put a Smile upon Your Face, Coldplay


Atira. said...

moon, seriously you can make a whole line of your design!

you should try lah!

i'll be the first to buy them! ;))

Moon said...

InshaAllah one day lah, maybe during the semester break. Haha so busy now :S

H said...

way cool!

Moon said...

is is hiba?

H said...

yeah this is her.