Saturday, February 14

It's cool to Love your Family

[pen illustration on scrap that my mom cut out for me from a wedding invitation]

There are no roses, no candy, no chocolate, no cake
no giant red hearts, no mushy movies, no sloppy kisses
Today is just another day, another weekend
with my beautiful family that I miss.


H said...

aww munira! The girls look SO cute!

Moon said...

esp maryam, no?

Aneesah said...

This is adorable! Had to giggle at the "shine bubble" on ze bald head. ;P The kitty's there too!

Your mum saves scraps for you too? Aww!

so she's the rab? said...

it reminds me of atikah's drawing mase skolah dulu..

Moon said...

aneesah: shine bubble! lol! yeah, my mom saves me scraps once she found out. We're all pack-rats anyway.

rab: really? aw..