Friday, January 23

Currently, in this life

[drawing pen and coloured pencils on half of found graph paper. The blue marker streaks are from last week's work, this was under it I guess.]

And I've barely even reached 1%.

There's definitely a whole world out there.


Aneesah said...

<3 how you did 'DISCOVER'. =D

Praxidice said...

Moon! My first one in here.

I need not speak of the talent and the leopard (was it?) :)

Make a quick guess who this is.


Moon said...

@aneesah: i loved it when I was writing it and I reached 'DSCO'. Lol.

@praxidice: god! is this 'shinaniker' aka 'fangzygirl'? I understand if you wanna keep ur identity secret! Long time no ear lah..

Praxidice said...

Miss you man! I need to gather up everyone for a "Heist" lol. How have you been?

Yup, identity, origin, study place and people in common all remain hidden on mine hehe.

Atikah Abdul Wahid said...

DAMN GIRLLLL. i loveeeeeeeee it. insane. tahap dewa. i love the all the different typographies here.

Hiba said...

ooh it sparkles!